The Center for Software Technology and Management known as Softam, was established in 22 December 2010. Softam is positioned to be in the research stream of the emerging computing technology. Softam looked into the whole spectrum of research, beginning with ideas experimentation, creating the technology, deployment, and studying the impact of the real world innovations. Users who range from technical, business, younger or elderly generations to users with other special needs and their experiences are central to research in Softam.

Softam is driven by eight research labs focusing on the different aspects of software technology and management research, including:
   1. Agent Mediated E-Commerce and Service Science (E-Service)
   2. Business Intelligence (BI)
   3. Information Systems (IS)
   4. Distributed and Platform Technology (DPTL)
   5. Learning Technology and HCI (LTHCI)
   6. Games
   7. Programming Education and Methodology (PEARL)
   8. Strategic Planning and Management (SPM)

In Softam, we believe that ideas should be welcomed, experimented and shared. This is depicted in our mission: "to create software innovation and to discover a new knowledge as well as to be at a frontier of knowledge in the area of software technology and management through consultation, technology training and research steered by UKM philosophy".

Inspired by Softam vision: "to be a regionally recognized center of excellence in the area of software technology and management", we strive hard to fulfill the following objectives:
   » To provide facilities and infrastructure to carry out research in software technology and management
   » To carry out research for the enrichment of knowledge in software technology and management.
   » To develop experts in the field of software technology and management through teaching and research.
   » To manage the process of knowledge transfer through training and consultation.
   » To develop various type of software technology that can aid in software development activity.
   » To generate intellectual property in the area of software technology and management that has value for commercialization.
   » To be the national center of reference, training, as well as technology transfer in the area of software technology and management.

The establishment of Softam started as early as 1999, when a research group in the field of programming sciences was initiated for the purpose of obtaining approval to run a research under IRPA RM8, and MSC status. This research group was officially formed in conjunction with the concept of pilot research as instructed by the university in the year 2000. Moving forward, planning for an establishment of Programming Research Centre has been initiated during the Computer Science Department Workshop in 2005. It has been further enhanced during the National Conference on Programming Sciences in December 2005. Following that, in the same year, a discussion was conducted with Microsoft to become one of the center of excellence in mobile programming.

Later on, while applying for research projects with Technofund Scheme, few discussions were organized with a number of software developers such as Axiomatic Solutions Sdn Bhd. A year later, a series of discussion by programming research group were held to prepare the working proposal. The proposal was further furnished during a Computer Science Department workshop which took place at Cameron Highland in 2006. Meanwhile, the Strategic Information Systems and Multimedia & Usability were established since 2006 as one of the research groups of FTSM. Again, the proposal was discussed during Research Centre Establishment Workshop on May 21st, 2007 at Equatorial Hotel Bangi. Another FTSM Research Center Establishment Workshop was conducted on February 21, 2008. In 2008, UKM has recommended for Service Science Research Group establishment. Discussions were then held with Isyam Research Centre, University of Bilkent, Turkey in order to build a research network between these two universities. We have concurrently applied for a fund to the Secretary of OIC in Istanbul. The working proposal was discussed at FTSM Restructuring Discussion on June 6th, 2009.