Quality & Strategy


1. Leadership (Kepimpinan)

Characteristics of a leader who has a clear goal and shares the goal for staff to move together to support the objective, rational in any case, adhering to the principles of justice, stand firm by what is decided, empathiseand is fully responsible for the entrusted tasks and the party led, managed or coordinated

2. Integrity (Integriti)

Compliance with the code of ethics reflected along with faith, pure heart, honesty, transparency, trust and wisdom in thinking and acting

3. Professionalism (Professionalisme)

Characteristics of excellence or competence expected in the job scope and responsibilities, is always focused incarrying out work, has a strong character, ethical and respectful of other parties

4. Dynamics (Dinamik)

Possesses the knowledge and skills that are supported by positive assertiveness and high self-confidence to generate and implement ideas efficiently and effectively in line with the current needs of the organisation, and able to change or alter the work condition as circumstances dictate

5. Collegiality (Keserakanan)

Characteristics that reflectthe spirit of cooperation, together shouldering collective responsibility and cultivating a harmonious atmosphere of teamwork, unanimity, cooperation in situations of discipline and cultural diversity and mutual respect as well as concern for colleagues