About Us


The Center for Artificial Intelligence Technology, also known by CAIT was proposed in 2005 for the development of research in the field of artificial intelligence at the Faculty of Information Science and Technology (FTSM). In line with UKM’s commitment as a Research University, CAIT has been integrated as a new branch within the Research University structure. As a result, three new research groups, namely the Data Mining and Optimization Research Group, the Pattern Recognition Research Group and Knowledge Technology Research Group, were born under the umbrella of CAIT and were recognized by UKM as the initial research specializations of CAIT.

In 2011, CAIT has been expanded by the inclusion of the Industrial Computing Research Group. This has indirectly strengthened CAIT by opening new areas of research. The expansion of CAIT into new areas of artificial intelligence research is in line the country’s ICT Agenda (National ICT Roadmap), which sees the field of Artificial Intelligence, especially in Data Science, Knowledge Computing, Vision System & Mixed Reality, and Emerging ICT & Application as major research directions for the country.

Our Strength

As a nonprofit Research institute, CAIT can carry out comprehensive and effective long-term programs. At the same time, our researchers reciprocate by participating in ongoing projects abroad.

Our Goal

The goal of the CAIT is to generating intellectual property and artificial intelligence-based products that have high added value to be commercialized.